Product Review: Powerchute Swing Trainer

The allure of additional distance in golf is always calling to us. Golfers are willing to try just about anything to hit the ball a little farther off of the tee, take one less club into a green or most importantly, outdrive their buddies. 

Distance gains typically don’t come magically or instantaneously; changes usually have to be made, whether that be to the swing or the body or both. However, Powerchute has changed the game when it comes to adding swing speed, and therefore distance, to a golfer’s game in just a few seconds. 

First Impression

The Powerchute is a little unorthodox out of the box. Basically a rectangular piece of material, the Powerchute clips easily to your driver or fairway wood and lets physics, nature and everything else that goes into swinging a golf club take over.

The Powerchute itself is very light — it’s just a piece of fabric in the end — so it adds very little, if at all noticeable, weight to the club. However, as soon as you get to the top of your backswing and start your transition towards the impact zone, you feel what the Powerchute does to your swing immediately.

How It Works

The Powerchute’s claim to fame is its distance-improving ability; the whole “hitting the long ball” is a great hook for players because as we said, who doesn’t want to hit the ball farther. The Powerchute, in reality, does much more.

Sure, the promise to improve your clubhead speed is there, but what makes the Powerchute so necessary for the average club golfer is that it acts as a full swing teacher while also speeding up your swing speed. Not only does the resistance build speed, but it also helps with the sequencing of the swing to create proper body rotation and lag, which helps players deliver the club to the ball with the most force at the best possible time.

Would you like a testimonial? How about one from Jack Nicklaus. 


Does It Work?

The hook of the Powerchute, as we’ve harped on, is the distance it can add to your game, but what keeps you practicing with it is its ability to dial in your full swing. You’re able to use the resistance to see your real-time swing almost in slow motion. The sequencing that it provides can’t be beaten, and although the Powerchute is only used on your driver or fairway wood, the effects of the product can be seen throughout the bag.

Final Impression

The Powerchute is a revelation. For many, the sales pitch of increasing your clubhead speed is enough to pull the trigger on the product, which is a promise that it delivers upon. For others still, the full swing training capability is what sets it apart from other aids that only help your takeaway, or only help your transition, or singular parts of the swing.

From the top of the backswing on down — where the rubber really meets the road — the Powerchute puts you in the best position to succeed after only a few swings. Incorporate the product into your daily or weekly practice routines and you’ll see results on the golf course in more ways than just distance. 

To learn more about Powerchute, visit their website here.

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