Product Review: Precision Impact

The Texas driving range legend, Roy “Tin Cup” McAvoy once said, “A tuning fork goes off in your heart and your balls; such a pure feeling is the well-struck golf shot.” 

For golfers everywhere, that apt description of the feeling of hitting nothing and everything at the same time is what keeps us coming back for more. Too often, however, that pure strike is elusive and fleeting. Whatever the reason for a player’s shortcomings as it relates to ball striking, there are a few hard and fast rules that must be abided to create Tour-level contact.

The most important of these start with the club’s position at impact. It must be precise and at the correct angle with your hands in front of the ball, thus the reason for the invention of the Precision Impact, a training aid designed to ensure your hands and arms are in the proper position at the moment of truth, which also forces your body to follow suit.

First Impression

Your Precision Impact comes in a box that is unassuming and relatively small — about the size of your forearm (naturally). Removing the packing tape, you’re greeted with the product, which looks to be something out a Terminator movie, fitting given that the aid will soon have you hitting shots that seem unnatural at first and machine-like after a while.

Utilizing the QR code in the box, you’re taken to a “get started” page that goes over the basic functionality of the Precision Impact and is presented by Mike Manley, the owner and inventor of the product. While there is some learning curve to the adaption of different bands, getting the Precision Impact on your trail forearm is relatively intuitive and fits into place much like a wrist cast or splint.

How It Works

Precision Impact’s effectiveness is obvious from the first time you take a practice swing. As you naturally take the club back and set your wrists, the Precision Impact’s design clicks and locks into place, which simulates the perfect impact position well before impact.

From there, the genius of the product takes place. Not only are your wrists “locked” into place by the training aid, you need to activate your body rotation to get your club back to the ball. As a result, you’re creating more power to your swing by using your body’s natural rotation to deliver your hands back to the ball.

With a simple adjustment to the “tail” of the training aid, your wrist set is unlocked and you’re free to begin the swing again from the setup position.

Does It Work?

Not only does the Precision Impact do what it says it will in terms of getting your hands and wrists into the proper position at impact, it forces the player to become more dependent upon their body as a whole to create that good position. By locking the arms and wrists into the impact position in the backswing, the player has no option to return to the ball other than using full and proper rotation to do so.

This connected and complete transition from the backswing through to impact forces the forward shaft lean and hands-in-front positioning that instructors preach to their students and Tour pros swear by.   

Final Impression

The Precision Impact is a game-changer for high handicap players who struggle flipping their hands through impact, which leads to fluttery ball flights that can go in any direction based upon timing. Perhaps for the first time, these players are forced to feel the proper impact position and have the moves that make it possible engrained through muscle memory.

Similarly, lower handicap players can benefit from Precision Impact as a refresher after a poor round or run of ball striking. Also, the training aid’s ability to be used throughout the bag — from the driver down to wedges and even the putter — a perfect and precise impact position is guaranteed every time if used correctly. 

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