Product Review: Pyramid Putters

Putting is one of the deceptive aspects of the game. One day, you have it and can pour it into the cup as if you were Tiger Woods in his prime; the next day, you’re wondering if you’ll ever see a putt drop again. Putting is all about confidence; confidence in your skill, confidence in your stroke and perhaps most importantly of all, confidence in your equipment.

Pyramid Putters’ Aztec Series helps to build that confidence just by standing over one of their two designs.

First Impression

Pulling the Pyramid Putters out of the shipping box, there are a few things that hit you right away: the oversized grip and the sleek putter covers. Both the Aztec AZ-I blade and the AZ-II mallet come sheathed in a black leather cover.

Looking at the putters themselves, the matte black finish really looks good to the eye right away and there are distinguishing features such as the milling rising onto the top line with an alignment line on the back flange that were put there for reasons you’ll soon learn.


How It Works

The feature that sets Pyramid Putters apart is their unique face grind. Appropriately, the sweet spot of the club is milled in the shape of triangle pyramid with mill lines running up the sides of the sweet spot.

While aesthetically pleasing, those mill lines also have a purpose, which is to keep off-center hits closer to the intended line of the putt. On the top line, the mill marks continue to give a good visual standing over the ball and a different type of sweet spot locator. 

On the back flange, a traditional alignment line is there for normal purposes, but can be used to ensure a proper setup as well. Depending on where a player’s eyes fall in contrast to the alignment line, a mistake can be avoided with a simple adjustment.

Does It Work?

Putting with the Pyramid Aztec AZ-I and AZ-II gives a distinctly solid feel throughout the putter face. Knowing that the club’s design and milling patterns are there to help you frees up the stroke and gives you more confidence standing over putts of all distances that you don’t need to make a flawless stroke to see your ball find the bottom of the cup.

Right off of the face on a well-struck putt, you know it was hit correctly. The horizontal mill lines send the ball towards the target hugging the ground and without any of the skid or bouncing that can occur even on putts struck out of the center. Conversely, on a putt struck outside of center, the performance of the putt makes your reconsider whether you really hit it that poorly.

Balls hit both out of the heel and toe travel the expected distance that a perfectly struck putt would, resulting in far more made putts and tap-ins than a less-than-ideal stroke would typically return, or frankly, deserve. 

Final Impression

Pyramid Putters Aztec Series exceeds expectations. More established or more aggressively marketed putters can rely on a reputation bolstered by Tour pros paid to endorse them, but Pyramid brings the goods where it matters: on the course. As stated above, putting is all about confidence and the belief that these putters instill in the player exudes.

Time spent practicing your stroke on the back of the green while your partners finish up is a thing of the past. Knowing that your stroke doesn’t have to be perfect to get a reliable roll and good result out of every putt you hit is enough to have you thinking about how you can get on the next green in as few strokes as possible so you can try to make another putt.

To learn more about Pyramid Putters, visit their website here.


About the Reviewer

Chris Chaney is the managing editor at SxS. A competitive mid-am golfer, Chris plays off a +0.4 handicap and is so enthralled with the game that he gave up his spot in his home’s garage to build a hitting bay and simulator that allows him to keep a club in his hands all year round.

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