Product Review: Tee Claw

One of the biggest frustrations for golfers of a certain ilk are the misshapen, fat, rubber tees that populate driving range mats around the world. Not only are the rubber tees ragged, they rarely are anywhere close to the right height. 

Tee Claw solves this issue and many more thanks to its multi-use design. From making practice sessions off the mats more purposeful to getting your alignment correct on the greens, Tee Claw brings a bevy of options to the table. 

First Impression

Tee Claws come in packs of three claws, four lanyards and three different sized tees. The claws look like some kind of torture mechanism, but they get the job done on basically any kind of artificial surface. The lanyards are extremely stretchy and the tees give the player three options — an iron tee, a fairway wood tee and driver tee. 

If you were just looking for an alternative to the driving range mat tee, you’ve found it. However, the Tee Claw can do a lot more than solve one problem.  

How It Works

The Tee Claw as range mat tee alternative works like a dream. Connecting a claw via lanyard and tee (or another claw), you get a stable and repeatable teeing position that either stays in place or is buoyed to its position by the tee or other claw. Gone are the days of hitting balls off of the crown of your driver (hopefully) because of a ball being teed up too high on a rubber mat.

Does It Work?

The biggest impact the Tee Claws have aside from their main purpose is being used as alignment and ball position aids. Unlike alignment rods that can be kicked and skewed during the movement of a range session, the Tee Claws design allows them to literally dig their claws into the ground or the mat you’re practicing on. 

Everything an alignment rod can do on the ground, a Tee Claw can do, only better and more efficiently. 

You can move the tee claw from the practice range to the green as well to work on path drills and gate drills, ball position and body alignment. 

Final Impression

If the Tee Claw was only used to replace the rubber practice range mats, it’s worth its price a few times over. However, the usability of the Tee Claw for a various amount of training aids packaged into one easy-to-use solution makes it a must-buy even for those who live in year-round golf-friendly climates. 

To learn more about Tee Claw, visit their website here.

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