Product Review: theHanger Golf Trainer

The delicate balance that many amateurs battle with when it comes to the golf swing is effectiveness vs. aesthetics. While we all want to hit the ball like the pros on the PGA and LPGA Tours, we also want to do so with a swing that looks a lot like Louis Oosthuizen’s or Adam Scott’s. 

When you’re talking with your golf buddies, you’re sure to hear them say that they don’t care how their swing looks; they just want to know where they’re hitting the ball. At best, this is only half true because if they could hit it where they wanted, they wouldn’t be sitting around the grille room talking about how much they don’t care what their swing looks like, they’d be playing on television.

theHanger Golf Swing Aid from Watson Golf is the perfect combination of effective and aesthetically pleasing. theHanger helps to turn any golf swing into a Tour-caliber move in both practice and on the course.

First Impression

theHanger has a few design aspects that catch your eye immediately. The obvious is the training aid itself. theHanger comes by its name naturally; all it’s missing is the hook that holds it up in the closet.

The second and most beneficial feature that you notice right off the bat is the clubface design towards the bottom of the grip. We often hear course analysts and swing instructors talk about the face of the club at different points throughout the swing, and this feature allows you a second checkpoint right next to your sole connection to the club. Face awareness with theHanger isn’t a perk; it’s almost impossible to miss.

How It Works

theHanger is one of those training aids that does a lot of things well thanks to its simple design. Coat hanger drills have been around as long as instructors have started pulling stuff out around the house to work on their games. What theHanger does it take a good gimmick and make it useful. 

As mentioned above, the clubface match on the aid allows for simple checks throughout the swing while the crux of the aid does the lion’s share of the work by keeping the wrists engaged correctly. Through the backswing, theHanger enables a swing instructor buzz phrase: it keeps the club outside of your hands. At the top, the design maintains a flat left wrist (for right-handed golfers), which contrary to what Dustin Johnson or Jon Rahm do, is much more sustainable for the normal player.

Working down through the impact zone, theHanger encourages lead wrist flexion, which is instructor-speak for getting your hands ahead of the ball at impact, which prevents scooping and slicing. 

Does It Work?

As with most training aids, the proof of effectiveness is in its simplicity. theHanger is able to make these claims and back them up because there’s hardly any subjective way to use the aid. If you keep your lead wrist/arm in the position you are instructed to, then the aid is effective. The best testament a training aid can receive is that it’s foolproof; theHanger is that.

The added bonus of feedback not only in where the ball is going, but in the physical feeling the aid provides cannot be overstated. Instant and physical feedback allows the player to work on what the company calls “procedural memory,” which helps bring the feeling from the practice range to the course.

Final Impression

theHanger’s motto is “practice with a purpose,” and it certainly delivers on that credo. The aid is simple in its design and effective in its use. You can’t ask for much more than that.

To learn more about theHanger Golf Swing Aid, visit Watson Golf’s website here.

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