Pro’s Stolen Golf Bags End Up On Craigslist, eBay

PGA Tour pro Kyle Thompson was cleaning out his garage and came across some worn down Tour bags, so he decided that he would set them out on the curb for the garbage truck to take to the dump.

Instead, an intrepid conman stopped by the Tour winner’s home, threw the three Srixon golf bags into the back of his truck, came up with an elaborate story behind them and put them online for sale.

What the bagman didn’t know was that Thompson was watching the whole time.

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So I put 3 old golf bags out with the trash and some yahoo pulls up and takes them all! ?

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Only a few hours later, the bags appeared in a Greenville, South Carolina Craigslist posting with an elaborate backstory.

“After my brother Larry passed last year I just dont play golf anymore without him so I’m selling our pair of golf bags,” the man, who goes by “Cowboy” wrote. “These are high dollar golf bags with genuine waterproof leather and none of that fake stuff. This bags don’t need no stand because they stand by themselfs and will hold more clubs than regular bags. One of the bags is a special Kyle Thompson model bag with all the bells and whistles.”

With Thompson alerting his fans on social media to the gag, the seller apparently was overcome with requests, so he did was any good conman would and made the folks clamoring for the bags to enter into a bidding war on eBay. 

“My phone has been burning up over these bags and I just dont feel good about having to pick someone to get to enjoy them,” he added to the Craigslist ad. “Ive decided the best and most fairest thing to do is put them on ebay and give everyone an fair shot at buying these bags.

“If the bags end up selling for more than I had hoped then there are two real sweet ladies down at Mr. Bingo in Greer of 29 that Larry just thought the world of. I’d like to do something real nice for them. You might think these are just golfing bags but they were very special to me and represent many good times spent together.”

The eBay posting has been pulled down, but the Craiglist ad still remains on the site.