ProTracer Could Be Coming To A TopGolf Near You

Have you ever watched the pros on TV with their majestic ball flights tracked by the searing line through the sky and wondered what your ball flight might look like if you had that kind of technology? Wonder no more because if you can get to one of the 26 TopGolf locations around the country, you’ll soon get to see your ball flight, in all it’s slicing/hooking glory. 


Topgolf, the booming golf entertainment company, has acquired Protracer, the Swedish company known for its technology that tracks ball flight during televised golf.

Topgolf customers soon will be able to use the same Protracer technology that they’ve grown accustomed to seeing on television.

Erik Anderson, co-chairman and CEO of Topgolf, said he hopes to integrate Protracer into the company’s high-tech driving ranges within the next year. His company has 26 locations and hosts 8 million guests annually.

“We think the tracing technology is fun for interaction and it’s good for teaching,” Anderson told Golfweek.

Anderson said the acquisition will not impact the networks’ use of Protracer in televised coverage.

As we reminded you earlier this month, be careful what you wish for when it comes to amateurs and ProTracer.


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