PXG Unveils New Driver, Line of Metalwoods


PXG, as it tends to do, launched a new product that falls in line with no one else’s product launch cycle but their own this week. While most other OEMs are beefing up their marketing of the newly-released products, Bob Parsons of Parsons Xtreme Golf continues to play by his own rules.

On Tuesday, PXG announced the release of two new drivers, the 0811X and 0811LX, as well as the 0341 fairway woods and 0371 hybrids. Contrary to most of its competition, PXG has worked from the irons up to the woods, not vice versa, and incorporated their thermoplastic elastomer insert from PXG’s successful line of 0311 irons.

GolfDigest.com’s Mike Stachura waded a little deeper into the PXG pool.

Each of the new metalwoods incorporates the thermoplastic elastomer compound that coats the internal structure and supports the ultra-thin face of its hollow irons. Weighing 14 grams on the 0811X and eight grams on the 0811LX (a lighter head weight model designed for slower swing speeds), the TPE compound fills the base of each metalwood design and works with a carbon fiber crown to save weight, lower the center of gravity and reduce spin.


“As people have tried to push the levels of performance and really thin out all the geometry, especially extremely thin geometry, it creates a lot of harsh vibration,” said Brad Schweigert, chief product officer at PXG. “Some people have gone in and tried to create rib structures to try to mitigate that. We found a more efficient way and a better way by using TPE. We can save all that mass from putting it in extra structures, make the thicknesses as thin as possible and really put the mass where we want it, and create an even softer more unique sound than we could ever do with any internal structure.”

According to PXG founder Bob Parsons, the new metalwoods reflect a fairly direct design mandate.

“There were four characteristics that we were concerned with in designing these clubs,” he said. “One is distance, but there are three more that are very important: dispersion, sound and feel.”

The latter two seem to especially resonate with the man in charge. “With most titanium drivers for most golfers, each drive you lose a teensy-tiny bit of hearing,” Parsons said, only slightly tongue-in-cheek. “I believe with this new process that we use we’re going to mitigate that effect.”

As you’ve come to expect, all the flattering talk and hype that come along with their clubs will run you a pretty penny. The 0811 drivers retail for $850, the 0341 fairway woods are $650 and the 0317 hybrids are $550. 



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