PXG To Make Even More Expensive Equipment


PXG and its billionaire founder, Bob Parsons, are not subtle when it comes to anything about the equipment they make. You need look no further than the price tag. A full set of clubs can run upwards of $5,000. For most people, that’s insane, but for the demographic Parsons is trying to target, that’s right in the sweet spot.

“We’re the only company that ever puts a disclaimer in advertising, a warning that our clubs are amazing but expensive,” Parsons said according to an Arizona Republic report. “I don’t know anybody else who does that. But it’s true. We make a top-end golf club the way Ferrari makes a top-end car. In other words when we release a set of clubs you’re not going to find anything better.”

Since it’s introduction in January 2015, more and more players have made the switch over to PXG, including current ladies world number one ranked player, Lydia Ko. 


While their current price point is high, it’s going to be a steal when they introduce their next product line.

“We’re working on a process that has never been done before and is incredibly expensive,” Parsons said. “Our next set of clubs are going to cost a lot more.”

Take our money Bob. Just take it!

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