Rafael Nadal Gets Hit With Golf Ball, Loses Memory?

Everyone knows who Rafael Nadal is, right? Well, most sports fans do. And surely everyone in the tennis legend’s homeland of Spain does too, right? Everyone except Nadal himself, apparently.

The owner of 14 grand slam titles (tied for second all time) came down with a case of amnesia after being hit by a golf ball on a course in Majorca, an island off the coast of Spain. When the culprits checked to see if Nadal was OK, and addressed him by name, he asked, “Am I Rafa?”

“Everyone knows you,” one said. “You are a figure,” said another. “Where is Majorca?” asked Nadal.

Don’t worry — it was all part of a “challenge” for PokerStars. Nadal pulled the prank on unsuspecting golfers to show off his ability to bluff, which is just part of his “poker training”:

Of course, the prank was taken to another level when Nadal handed the random strangers his phone and the call happened to be a live interview. Something is wrong with Rafa? You hurt our country’s hero? The police need to be contacted immediately!

Seems a bit drastic, which always makes for a great prank.

[h/t Golf News Net]


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