Red Bull Athlete Pulls Off Crazy Wakeboard Shot


A video posted by Ryan Rustand (@coach_rusty) on

There’s a lot to unpackage here. Let’s start with Ryan Rustand, also known as Coach Rusty, who has turned himself into one of the most recognizable and talented golf trick shot artists in the world right now. The skill it takes to stand on a boat shouldn’t be discounted, but to then be able to juggle and hold a golf ball on the back flange of a wedge is next level stuff.


That’s the best part of this video, too. While the juggling Rusty does on the boat is impressive enough, in hindsight, it’s probably the easiest thing that was done. The perfect assist from the back of the wedge, off of the moving boat and to Steel Lafferty (a real and spectacular name) riding on a wakeboard was equally as difficult. 

Then, there’s Lafferty’s ability to dial up the perfect timing to smoke the pass from Rusty with a driver. 

All in all, one of the best and most elaborate trick shots we’ve seen. 



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