Red Bull Hornussen: Long Drive Contest Meets Home Run Derby

If you thought long-drive competitions were crazy, your mind is going to be blown when you find out what Red Bull Hornussen is.

Sometimes called “farmers’ golf,” Red Bull Hornussen is a twist on an old Swiss sport, essentially combining a home run derby with a long-drive competition.

And yes, it’s awesome. Especially at night.


So this what I got out of the video: These guys swing a stick as hard as possible to hit a puck as far as they can. Sounds simple, but also extremely difficult.

And I still don’t understand how they prevent the whip from wrapping around their necks after swinging.

Now just imagine if they finished their swings like this guy: 

And as simple as the sport seems, even Kenny Mayne had a hard time doing it:

Could we see a Red Bull Hornussen competition on the PGA Tour sometime soon? Probably not. But it’d be pretty cool if we did … even if Bubba Watson thought it was dumb.

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