Reno Man Makes Two Holes-In-One In Five Holes

Holes-in-one, if you’re lucky, usually come around once in a golfing lifetime. To have more than one ace to your name puts you in rarified air amongst your peers. The Two Holes-in-One Club grew by one member earlier this week in odds-defying fashion.

William Wood was playing Plumas Pines Golf Resort on Sunday, June 26 when his front nine turned into one he would never forget. Channel 4 News in Reno had the story.

A golf course just north of Sierraville is touting an improbable feat: one player hitting two holes-in-one during a round.

According to Arvo Voip, assistant golf professional at Plumas Pines Golf Resort, a Reno man accomplished the feat on holes 3 and 7.

William “Woody” Wood was playing golf with a group of casino employees on Sunday, June 26.

Voip said the odds of someone hitting two holes-in-one it’s about 60 million to one.

Tradition holds that any golfer who hits a hole-in-one must buy the entire group a rounds of drinks, though it wasn’t immediately clear if Wood bought two rounds.

What makes Wood’s story that much more impressive wasn’t that he hit two holes-in-one in one round of golf; he did it within five holes of one another. Wood aced the par-3 third and liked the feeling so much he went and holed his next par-3 tee shot on the seventh hole. 

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