Rescue Dog Has Recovered Thousands Of Golf Balls

If you’re tired of continuously buying golf balls, maybe you should buy a dog instead.

A Utah man has taken his dog, Gabby, a Labrador retriever, out to Mt. Ogden Golf Course in Ogden, Utah for walks where the dog now knows that if she returns to her owner, Arnie Smith, with a golf ball in her mouth, she gets something for herself. 

“Find a ball, get a treat!” Smith said in the story written by Patrick Carr of the Standard-Examiner

Gabby is a hunting dog that is nearly seven years old. Smith and Gabby have been coming to the course for a few years and after some training with golf balls of his own, Smith said Gabby goes on the hunt by herself and more often than not, returns with a golf ball in tow.

He estimates that the pooch has found “a couple thousand” golf balls during their time walking near a ravine that runs along an adjacent fairway.

The craziest part? Smith doesn’t even golf. He drops the balls Gabby finds into a bin at the Cellar Barber Shop where he gets his hair cut. He also donates them to a few courses in the area and church programs.