Review: Canoos Tour 2.0 Boat Shoe Golf Shoe

We’ve all been there — caught off guard by an invitation to tee it up sans any proper equipment. Most people have a few options in this predicament: try to find a friend who has the same size shoe as you and an extra pair of golf shoes in their trunk (unlikely), make due with the boat shoes you had on at the bar, or say “thanks, but no thanks” because you don’t want to be slipping and flailing all over the course. 

Thanks to Canoos, you no longer have to settle for a less-than-optimal golfing experience even on the shortest of notices. Out on the water, out to lunch or at a bar when the mood strikes to hit the links, the Canoos Tour 2.0 is the Swiss Army Knife of shoes. The patent pending design not only plays well in social settings, it more than does the job on the course as well.

First Impression

In a word: impressive. When it comes to a hybrid product like this, you expect one aspect of the shoe to be sacrificed for the quality of another. Not so with the Tour 2.0. When you pull a pair out of the box, the craftsmanship in the shoe itself is immediately evident. 

At first blush, you think you just purchased a high-quality pair of boat shoes, until you remember they are supposed to be multipurpose. Turning the shoes over, you find a sole that has seven soft spikes interspersed with the spikeless sole pattern employed by the golf industry’s biggest brands. It’s the best of both worlds. 


While the initial impression was positive, there’s no true test like taking shoes out onto the golf course. On a slick November day, the shoes more than stood up to the challenge. From tee boxes to side-hill lies, the shoes didn’t give an inch. You couldn’t tell if you were in boat shoes or a pair of FootJoys. The only difference is people look at you sideways if you walk into the clubhouse grill wearing DryJoys. 

Digging into bunkers and walking from shot to shot, the shoes protected against the elements as well. Billed as “water resistant for dew protection,” the shoes were sturdy, comfortable and most importantly, dry throughout the round.


Canoos come in three styles: Tour, Range and Clubhouse, all in multiple colorways to match any style preference. There are also Ladies Tour 2.0 options available, bringing the multi-functioning product to every tee box. 

The pricing starts at $150 per pair, but you’re really buying two pairs of shoes for the price of one. As if that wasn’t enough, for Cyber Monday, Canoos is offering 30% off site-wide. Get your pair here


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