Review: Phil Mickelson’s Coffee For Wellness

Phil Mickelson has proven over the past three decades that he is not one to let a marketing opportunity pass him by, especially in recent years as his game has become more inconsistent and PGA Tour wins have been fewer and farther between. 

While that may sound somewhat cynical, the five-time major champion does deserve credit where its due and topping that list is the commitment he has made to his body and health in recent years. Long known for an uninspiring physique, Mickelson has slimmed down and toned up in recent years, a transformation he insists was both for quality of life as well as an effort to stay competitive into his 50s.

One of the biggest assets in Mickelson’s commitment to health has been a much-talked-about coffee regimen, which has recently turned into a consumer play with his Coffee For Wellness brand.

The Coffee For Wellness website describes the product as an “exceptionally high-quality coffee blend: ethically sourced and roasted to preserve coffee’s natural antioxidants,” which combined with The Good Stuff, “Phil and (performance coach Dave Phillips’) tried and tested combination of adaptogens, nootropics, and superfoods” gives customers the “best tasting and best performing cup of infused coffee in the business.”

Clearly, Mickelson and co. don’t need any help in the public relations department. With a built-in audience and spokesperson, all Coffee For Wellness had to do was deliver a somewhat decent product, and by all accounts, they’ve done that.

The Background

As someone who has worked from home for years, coffee has become an increasingly important part of my daily routine, and as a father of three kids under 5 years old, health has taken a more prominent role in my life over the last few years, so when I came across Sean Zak’s article about Mickelson’s six-day coffee cleanse, I was more than a little interested, albeit definitely a little intimidated by it.

Something that stuck out immediately, however, was Mickelson’s coffee recipe. Mickelson had pumped up his coffee regimen in interviews over the previous few months, and having the recipe, with full-on Phil-isms to match, seemed like an interesting proposition. Of course, having watched Mickelson’s button-down Mizzen+Main endorsement play out, there was an obvious series of events already in action.

Soon enough, Coffee For Wellness started up. First with a few social media posts pumped by Mickelson, then a pre-launch website and finally, on National Coffee Day, September 29, an official launch. 

I made my first order — a 30-day supply of Coffee For Wellness and The Good Stuff with a free Coffee for Wellness tumbler included. About one moth later — mid-October — my order arrived.

The Product

Priced at $59.99/month for the subscription, it’s definitely a premium coffee if you’re an at-home coffee brewer. Of course, if you’re a daily Starbucks, Dunkin’ et al coffee shop consumer, it’s on the cheaper side.

The packaging is solid, especially if you’re a Mickelson fan. Coffee For Wellness comes fully outfitted in Phil’s “aggressive colors” with the Phil jumpman logo splashed across every aspect of the packaging. (Originally, CFW only offered Keurig-cup products, but they’ve since expanded their offerings.)

The coffee itself was fine, nothing life-changing, a solid cup of black coffee. The Good Stuff, in my opinion, is the most important piece of the puzzle. According to their website, The Good Stuff is made up of many of the same ingredients from the Zak article: L-Theanine, MCT powder, collagen, cinnamon and Himilayan pink salt.

The various benefits — focus, improved metabolism, skin and joint health and electrolytes — are no doubt better than what I would typically throw into my daily coffee — vanilla syrup and half and half. 

The Good Stuff adds a little more flavor to the coffee, most predominant among them being the cinnamon, giving me a more healthy alternative to my normal cup in the morning. 

The one thing that stuck out to me in Zak’s article was Phil’s line about what you put into your body — “Everything you put in your body either causes disease or helps your body fight disease,” he told Zak. 

Without being a nutritionist, I’m fairly confident in saying that the mixture of The Good Stuff is better for me than my previous coffee order, so that’s a nice place to start your day. 

The Conclusion

Coffee For Wellness, as Phil so emphatically states in the video above, has become “the foundation for (my) health and wellness” on a daily basis over the past month and a half. The good and bad about the original K-cup delivery is that it made one cup of coffee per day. 

For someone who could theoretically dabble in 2-3 per morning full of artificial syrup and dairy, this was an unexpected benefit of the Coffee For Wellness switch.

As the online shop has bulked up in recent weeks, I’ve adjusted my order to simply getting a tub of The Good Stuff, which offers 30 servings for $24.99. I’ve opted to go back to my preferred whole bean coffee mostly as a result of its similarities in taste and cheaper price tag.

Perhaps the best endorsement of Coffee For Wellness I can provide is this: it gets my day off to a healthier start. For me, this big because once I do one healthy thing to start, it incentivizes me to continue that behavior throughout the rest of the day via exercise and productivity, among other things.

At the end of the day, this is a coffee product. It’s not a life-changer or miracle product, but it can definitely be what Phil said: become the foundation for your health and wellness every day.