Rodents, Monkeys Welcome Golf To Rio

For some, it’s human nature to be negative. Take Olympic golf for example: it’s a weak field, the Zika virus, there’s poo in the water. The list goes on. 

For the optimists, Olympic golf gives people a chance to see part of the world they’ve never seen before. From a geographical perspective, Brazil is essentially a giant rainforest. Considering this golf course was built on the Marapendi Natural Reserve in the Barra da Tijuca area of Rio de Janeiro, you better have an open mind when it comes to nature.

Here are 4 native species you may see Golf Channel talking more about than the actual golf. Remember, we’re technically in their natural habitat:

Capybaras: These are the largest rodents in the world topping out at 150 lbs. They look like a cross between a donkey and a gopher, draped in Dufner’s old hair. It grazes on grass and is totally harmless. 

Carujas: Small owls who build nests by burrowing in the ground…expect a couple free drops during the week.

Caimans: Mini crocodiles. Have no fear, there will be handlers on site if they get too close for comfort. 

Micos: Tiny monkeys which literally are everywhere, including in the streets in Rio.

Besides the grass on the course being from Texas, everything else will be strictly Brazilian.

Welcome to the rainforest!



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