Roger Cleveland Gives Us a #Wedgeducation in Rap

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Roger Cleveland is a brilliant fellow. He’s been designing golf clubs for more than 30 years.

He’s now Callaway’s chief designer, and last week, the company revealed Cleveland’s latest line of work, the Mack Daddy 2 wedges. Phil Mickelson already has the clubs in his bag, but they’ll be available to the public next week.

Callaway also released a series of videos in which Cleveland himself offers tips on how to use these new wedges and why they’re the best on the market. And they created the clever hashtag #Wedgeducation. That’s all good and well, but aside from Callaway employees, the Cleveland family, and those who actually buy these wedges, who’s going to find interest in these instructional videos?

Maybe Callaway sensed that, so it released this mash-up video:

Surely Callaway received Cleveland’s permission to poke a little fun at his expense. Regardless, it appears he approves of the mash-up:


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