Ron Burgundy Shows Off Golf Swing on Media Tour

Unless you don’t have a TV, computer or smartphone – and you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t – you’re well aware of the fact that “Anchorman 2” will soon hit theaters. The movie’s star, Ron Burgundy, is making more appearances than a Kardashian.

The legendary anchorman continued on Thursday, and while visiting the “Dan Patrick Show,” Burgundy showed off his golf swing on the simulator. Not bad for a big-haired, mustache-wearing suit.

Burgundy served as a co-host with Dan Patrick, but naturally stole the show:

In other appearances, Burgundy interviewed future Hall of Fame quarterback, and noted golfer, Peyton Manning, for ESPN. And he helped call a curling match for TSN:

Of course, Burgundy made his name by reading the news. He did just that for KXMB in North Dakota:

But he’s also a pretty good pitchman:

That versatility as a TV personality led to Emerson College naming its school of communications after Burgundy – for a day:

“Anchorman 2,” the “documentary” of Burgundy’s life, hits theaters Dec. 18. Rory McIlroy was fortunate enough to get into the world premiere, but for now, the rest of us minions will have to live with this trailer:

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