Samsung-Sponsored Smart Golf Shoes Coming In 2017

For years now, the technological arms race in golf has been raging. From equipment to fitness, the leaps and bounds made on the course have made much of the game played today unrecognizable to those who played the game even 20 or 30 years ago.

Samsung spin-off company Salted Venture is furthering that technological advancement with their IOFIT Smart Golf Shoe. Not unlike the shoes Under Armour designed for Jordan Spieth at the Open Championship, the IOFIT shoes will have embedded sensors in them that will allow golfers to sync up with their smart phones or tablets to get immediate, accurate feedback about their swing.

Using embedded technology, IOFIT accurately analyzes and improves your balance and weight shift in real-time, resulting in greater swing power and longer drive. IOFIT detects even the smallest changes in your balance to help you make a more smooth and reliable putting stroke. IOFIT connects wirelessly to your smartphone to give simple, actionable feedback to casual golfers and more detailed, advanced analysis for professional golfers.

The IOFITs started as a Kickstarter campaign setting $30,000 goal. However, the campaign has raised over $41,000 as of this writing. CNET reports that the shoes will hit stores in February 2017 carrying a $260 price tag, but if you want a discount, you can order your pair through the Kickstarter for $189. 

You can learn more about the shoes on the Kickstarter campaign site or their YouTube Channel.


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