Scumbag Thief Steals Special Olympian’s Golf Clubs

WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Unless you’re Robin Hood or relegated to stealing food to feed your family, there’s very little sympathy reserved by the general public for thieves. However, this is a new low. WMC Action 5 News in Memphis, Tenn. has the despicable details

A thief is accused of stealing a set of expensive golf clubs from a Special Olympics athlete. Even worse—they probably knew exactly who they were stealing from.

The bag of stolen clubs has a Special Olympics logo on the side.

Keith Kee’s golf clubs are an important part of his life. He said no matter how bad he hits, he always loves to play.

The clubs were donated to Keith by a local pro. He and his Special Olympics coach John Sprott were getting ready to play nine holes at a Bartlett course when he noticed his clubs, worth $800, were gone.

“Somebody had stolen his clubs from the time he put them down to the time he went inside,” Sprott said.

Sprott said they have no idea who took the clubs, but whoever it was must not have any empathy for Special Olympics athletes.

“With Special Olympics on the bag, whoever stole them must have known who they belong to. For me, that’s more egregious than just stealing someone’s set of clubs,” Sprott said.

[WMC Action 5 News]


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