Shane Bacon Was Reunited With His Clubs In Scotland — And He’s Got Golf Twitter To Thank

The perils of traveling with golf clubs are well documented — for pros and amateurs alike.

But every once in a while, a golfer’s nightmare transforms into a tale of hope.

Enter Shane Bacon, the Golf Channel analyst and writer who, as you might be aware, had been chronicling the journey of his late-arriving sticks on Twitter between his many TV appearances at the Open Championship this week.

It turns out outsourcing the job to the denizens of golf Twitter was a smart move. After the clubs were located at Edinburgh Airport, Bacon asked if someone would be kind enough to pick them up. Sure enough, a follower named Steff was up to the task. 

We could recap the remarkable story for you, but we think it’s best to relive it by reading Bacon’s tweets in the order they were sent. Enjoy.