Skratch Presents “The Lost Course”


Golf is a game of history and tradition, but behind all of the rules and etiquette are players out on the course to get away from the stress and pressure of their everyday lives. Partnering with our friends at Skratch, SxS is proud to bring you “The Shank brought to you by Skratch,” a look at the lighter side of the game each week. As the folks at Skratch say, “It’s just golf. Try not to take it so seriously” 

What if someone told you that there was a golf course just a few hours from where you’re reading this that was designed by one of the greatest golf course architects to ever live, that has been virtually untouched since its original layout more than 125 years ago and cost less than $35 to play? You’d probably do what Erik Anders Lang did in the season 2 premier of Adventures in Golf.

Lang and his crew were in Glasgow, Scotland when a local golf enthusiast told them about the “Holy Grail” of golf, which was located on an island called South Uist, just off the west coast of Scotland. Not one to miss out on a sale like that, Lang, his friend, Simon, and the crew hopped on a flight the next day in search of links golf in its purest form. 

When they finally made it to Askernish Golf Club, they found a quaint clubhouse with an honor payment system. Depositing their ‎£25 for the twilight rate, Lang and Simon set off to get back to golf’s routes. While they were a long way from the manicured fairways and lush rough of American parkland golf, what they found was golf as it was played in the days of Tom Morris, pure golf nirvana.  

 — — — 

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