Skratch Presents Golf’s Worst High Fives


Golf is a game of history and tradition, but behind all of the rules and etiquette are players out on the course to get away from the stress and pressure of their everyday lives. Partnering with our friends at Skratch, SxS is proud to bring you “The Shank brought to you by Skratch,” a look at the lighter side of the game each week. As the folks at Skratch say, “It’s just golf. Try not to take it so seriously” 

The “golf is a sport” debate has raged on in the mainstream sports media for years with people coming down very staunchly on one side of the debate or the other. In more recent years with the rise of stars like Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka and the like, arguing that golf is a sport has become much more simple with concrete examples hoisting trophies each week on the PGA Tour.

However, the biggest obstacle golf athlete truthers have to overcome in the celebration aspect. In other sports, the high fives and coordinated celebrations seem to be second nature. In golf, it is an unfinished art form. Whether it be Tiger Woods and Steve Williams’ notorious terrible high fives or Tom Lehman and Bernhard Langer’s infamous chest bump/high five abomination, it’s clear golf has a ways to go in terms of celebrating.

Even as our friends at Skratch can create a compilation video of golf’s worst high fives, there is light at the end of the “terrible golfer celebration” tunnel as evidenced by Jordan Spieth’s top-notch celebration after holing out from at a bunker to win the Travelers Championship earlier this season.

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