Skratch Presents “Haters Gonna Say It’s Fake”


Golf is a game of history and tradition, but behind all of the rules and etiquette are players out on the course to get away from the stress and pressure of their everyday lives. Partnering with our friends at Skratch, SxS is proud to bring you “The Shank brought to you by Skratch,” a look at the lighter side of the game each week. As the folks at Skratch say, “It’s just golf. Try not to take it so seriously” 

Video editing is a beautiful thing. Skratch has taken a series of the worst of the worst of amateur golf swings and paired it up with Tiger Woods’ iconic hole-in-one on the par-13 17th hole at TPC Scottsdale in 199. 

The idea behind the video series is the internet meme “haters gonna say it’s fake,” which describes a seemingly unbelievable video or trick shot that was pulled off so flawlessly, critics will call foul on its legitimacy.

Skratch’s first run at the meme came with pros playing from some very interesting trouble spots on the course, with — you guessed it — incredible results.

The fan edition of the series came next, followed by a Presidential edition. If you have a video editor friend and a mediocre golf game, you can also pull off the miraculous by editing yourself into one of these clips.  

 — — — 

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