Skratch Presents “Your Week, Described by Golf”


Golf is a game of history and tradition, but behind all of the rules and etiquette are players out on the course to get away from the stress and pressure of their everyday lives. Partnering with our friends at Skratch, SxS is proud to bring you “The Shank brought to you by Skratch,” a look at the lighter side of the game each week. As the folks at Skratch say, “It’s just golf. Try not to take it so seriously” 

The parallels between life and golf are well documented. Preparation, execution, resiliency and keeping an even keel will help you to perform better both on the course and off. However, our friends at Skratch made a more literal comparison between the game of the life and the game of golf with the above video.

Imagine your work week and the feelings and frustrations that each day invoke. Now, translate those feelings into how a golf shot would equate and you have “Your Week, Described by Golf.”

There’s a lot to digest in this one-week microcosm, but it’s pretty close to being spot on.

No one likes Mondays and Tuesdays aren’t much better. By Wednesday, you’re so engrained in your own grind that you can zone out completely, but once you get to Thursday the weekend is all that’s on your mind. Friday and Saturday? Forget about it, that’s your time to shine. Finally, Sundays are the day of rest and no one can encapsulate that relaxation quite like Phil Mickelson.


 — — — 

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