SkyMall’s Most Ridiculous Products Ever Sold

One of the best parts about flying is reaching into the seat pocket in front of you and browsing through a SkyMall catalog.

While no one ever buys anything from the booklet — or admits to it, at least — perusing through the pages, going product to product makes the time fly (pun intended).

Sadly, that enjoyment we all share will be coming to an end because SkyMall filed for bankruptcy on Friday

Sure, deep down, we all expected the day to come, but did we think it would come so soon? Actually, yeah … I’m just surprised it took this long. 

In honor of SkyMall leaving our lives, here are some of the most absurd and ridiculous products sold in its 25 years of existence.

Golf Club Drink Dispenser


When you feel the need to carry that 15th golf club illegally, why not make it one that will serve you a beverage.

SkyRest Travel Pillow


Finding a comfortable position on a plane is tough. Fear not, because the SkyRest Travel Pillow makes sleeping on the plane a cinch. Where you’ll put the thing when you wake up, however, I don’t know. 



Because walking requires way too much effort, skating on dangerous wheels is the more economic way to travel. (Fine Print: broken ankles not include).

Circulation Improving Leg Wraps


With the Circulation Improving Leg Wraps, you can look like a ridiculous astronaut and soothe sore muscles at the same exact time! 

Squirrel Tree Climber Sculpture


What … you’ve never seen a squirrel wearing a harness and a helmet before? 

Pierogi Ornament


For all you pierogi fanatics out there, this ornament will make a great addition to your Christmas tree.



Why leave home with embarrassingly thin hair. Get the iGrow! Put on this helmet-looking thing to make your hair grow back in no time.

Zombie of Montclaire Moors


Halloween will never be the same after you put this guy in your garden. Scare those trick-or-treaters and yourself into having nightmares for years to come.

Giant Folding Chair


Be the coolest dad at your kid’s soccer game this fall with the massive folding chair. And as an added bonus, you’ll block everyone’s view behind you!

The Mismatch Dress Shirts


For all those times you want to look completely ridiculous in public, these mismatch dress shirts are a must-have. 

The Bug Vacuum


Don’t crush those bugs invading your home with a tissue, obliterate them with the bug vacuum. And it’s incredibly efficient: “Using The Best Bug Vacuum, Institute Analysts vacuumed up 24 live crickets in only 15 seconds.” 


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