So Much Fun: Golf Nation’s New ‘Three Courses’ Series

It’s time to continue celebrating well beyond the Fourth of July into summer’s peak heat.  And with good reason.

We’re referring to the new “Three Courses” series that just premiered on and its Android app.

The trailer is here to whet your appetite.  Then watch the just-released, commercial-free episodes released over the next three weeks.  You won’t be disappointed.

The show’s attractive stars, golf influencers Gabi Powel and Hannah Leiner, provide entertainment extraordinaire during “Three Courses.”  The 24-year-olds with omni-present smiles amusingly needle each other during rounds of golf.  The friendly yet oft-biting banter continues at local hot spots for bites and libations.

That’s what memorable golf getaways are all about.  Rounds are four-plus hours, and the proverbial 19th hole is where good, great and blooper-reel shots are recalled. 

Gabi and Hannah are hardly golf slouches.  The two starred at Florida International University and struck up a friendship likely to last a lifetime.  Don’t get it wrong – as much enjoyment as they experience during “Three Courses,” that’s how much they still want to beat their “frenemy” and walk off 18 green with off-course glory.

Yes, this review uses a portmanteau of “friend” and “enemy.”

Healthy competition aside, the flavors of golf destination are on center stage.  The first episode focuses on Phoenix where our protagonists stay and play at the impressive Club Wyndham Legacy Golf Resort, chow at The Larder + The Delta and enjoy adult beverages at Pigtails Downtown.

“Three Courses” episodes two and three are locked and loaded, respectively debuting in successive weeks and showcasing Oceanside, California and metropolitan Atlanta.

Presented by Club Wyndham, the show is the relief we all need from the LIV Golf-PGA TOUR “frenemy” (couldn’t resist) news dominating airwaves.

Larger picture, “Three Courses” is another production that cements the relatively new Golf Nation as a force to reckon with.  The on-demand streaming network launched in December 2022 with a slate of original programming that’s wowing audiences with its entertaining golf-lifestyle focus.

No Tour event coverage whatsoever.  That’s up to Golf Channel and other networks.

Golf Nation’s popular lineup of original shows includes “Ambush with David Feherty” and his hidden-camera hijinks; “Golf Unseen” that, this season, journeys in South Africa; “Tee Shots” where celebrity guests chat, sip and take swings with famous mixologist Bill Binder; and “Watch Buy Play” highlighting the planet’s hottest golf products.

“Don’t I Know You?” is hosted by Suzy Whaley, President of Golf Nation, former President of the PGA of America and one of only a handful of women to play in a PGA TOUR event. Based on the internationally syndicated 1980s-1990s TV hit “The Newlywed Game,” the first episode features 2023 U.S. Ryder Cup Captain Zach and Kim Johnson. 

Fun indeed!

All episodes live in perpetuity on and can be accessed on Spirits Network, parent-company NBTV’s first entertainment vertical.

Another differentiator:  Golf Nation’s patented technology allows viewers to engage with and instantly purchase products and other offerings featured in shows by clicking on a “buy bar” while never leaving the streaming experience.

“Simply put, Golf Nation is ‘Netflix meets Home Shopping Network’ for golf,” says Nick Buzzell, Chairman and CEO of Golf Nation.  “Golf brands of all types, as well as non-endemics, are lining up to integrate with our programming.”

In upcoming months, shows will be available on the Golf Nation iOS app, Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku and connected (smart) TVs.  The company plans to soon announce a landmark partnership whereby Golf Nation will be pre-loaded on more than 100 million devices globally.

If future shows are even an iota of the fun of “Three Courses,” then Golf Nation is a lock as a mainstay on the viewing diets of golfers, golf fans and the golf curious.