Stenson’s Caddy Buys New Ferrari

What would you do if you were the caddy of the hottest golfer in the world, Henrik Stenson? Would you buy a brand new Ferrari?

That’s exactly what Stenson’s real-life caddy, Gareth Lord, did recently.

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First of all, Lord might have the most kick-ass name in the entire world. His name sounds like someone who would be defending Middle Earth whenever he’s not looping on the golf course. If he stood up to me and screamed “You shall not pass!,” I’d immediately soil myself and run away. But I digress.


Lord takes home about 10 percent of his boss’ winnings throughout the year. That’s the typical caddie rate in professional golf. Stenson made $20 million this year, meaning Lord took home about $2 million. That’s Ferrari-purchasing money, yo.

While we aren’t sure which model of Ferrari it is that Lord purchased, does it really matter? It’s a Ferrari.

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