Sunday Drive: $180K 50th Anniversary Shelby Cobra 427

If you weren’t around to get your hands on a Shelby Cobra 427 50 years ago, get your checkbooks ready because you’re in luck. For the car’s 50th anniversary, Shelby is building 50 new examples of the classic ride available for purchase on Jan. 13. 

There will be two models available: fiberglass and aluminum. The fiberglass model will run you just under $120,000, while the aluminum will bump the price tag up to $179,995.


The fiberglass example will come with the traditional Cobra blue-and-white colorway, but if you’re OK with shelling out an extra $60k, you can get yours in a mirrored aluminum style. 

Don’t be cheap, get the aluminum. Just look at this thing:


As you probably figured, it’ll be plastered with commemorative badges for the 50th anniversary.

Of course, that’s all the better when you go to show off your new ride to everyone in the neighborhood.


Don’t wait on purchasing this classic. With only 50 being made, they’re bound to sell out quick. For more information, visit Shelby’s website.


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