Supreme Golf Offers Tee Times at Deep Discounts

In the fast-paced, need-it-now world we live in today, convenience is paramount. And when it comes to booking tee times, the sentiment is no different. 

“I think a lot of great ideas are born out of pain or frustration, and that’s definitely where Supreme Golf in its current state came from,” said Jonathan Wride, co-founder and CEO of Supreme Golf, the newest player in the golf tee time game. “We were sitting there one day and it came to us – why don’t we do something different? Why don’t we become the “Kayak of golf courses,” of golf tee times? That’s how it came together.”

Launched online in December 2013, Supreme Golf is the only tee time site that allows you to compare the same tee time at the same course before choosing the the most affordable option. Users compare times from sites like GolfNowGolf 18 Network and Tee Off, as well as places like Groupon and Amazon Local. By doing this, Supreme Golf gives golfers access to deep discounts all over the world. 


“It’s very similar to what Kayak does for travel — we do the same for the tee time industry,” Wride said. “What we’ve done is aggregate all of them together, creating the largest database of courses where online tee times can be booked.” 

Tee times aren’t booked by Supreme Golf. Like Kayak, providers like Golf Now or Groupon are paid directly.

On Friday, the company launched its app for iPhone, with releases planned for iPad and Android devices in coming in the near future, literally bringing millions of tee times at thousands of courses right to your fingertips. 


“Whether you’re home or you’re traveling, you know that if you go to Supreme Golf you’ll find the course you’re looking for, where you can book a tee time. And that’s what we want to do long-term — we want to put that into people minds,” Wride said. “It doesn’t matter if you’re in Sweden – where we have over 400-plus courses – or in Spain, or the U.S. – where we have 9,000-plus courses – or even Mexico. If you go to Supreme Golf, it’ll pick up your location either on the app or the website and find the courses that are close to you so you can compare the tee times and book.”

Something so simple and convenient, it’s bound to take the golf world by storm. 

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