SUV Plows Through Golf Course In Broad Daylight

Usually on a golf course, the only vehicles you expect to see are golf carts and the occasional maintenance pick-up truck; not automobiles barreling towards you at 40 mph.

That was the scary scene at City Park Golf Course in Denver, Colo. Monday afternoon when a driver hopped the curb with their SUV and drove through the fifth hole causing severe damage to the public facility.

FOX 31 Denver had the scoop:

Police need your help finding a driver who jeopardized the lives of many Sunday at a most unexpected place. Witnesses claim someone driving an SUV sped through Hole No. 5 at City Park Golf Course in Denver at about 12:20 p.m.

The driver in a Toyota 4Runner jumped onto the curb from southbound Colorado Boulevard. Then, onto the fifth hole, where he damaged the grass and endangered the lives of golfers.

“It’s certainly out of the ordinary and shocking to us as golfers to have that happen,” said John Christner, about a game of golf that turned into something much more serious.

“We actually got a warning from the clubhouse that someone had driven on the course with the objective of hitting some of the golfers,” he said.

“In the afternoon, with golfers present, that level of endangerment, that lack of regard for human life, that is when we became very alarmed,” Christner said.

“To have someone driving 40 miles per hour in their 4Runner is pretty alarming. I’m shocked no one was hurt. It could have been a lot worse,” Christner said.

As for the damage to the course, workers replaced 75-feet worth of turf on the fifth hole that ran from the fairway to the green.

If you know anything about this crime or recognize the SUV, call the Denver Police.



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