SwingU 7.8.0 Product Update

SwingU is excited to announce a number of updates made to both our top-rated GPS, Scorecard & Stats app as well as our Apple Watch offering in our latest iOS (7.8.0) release.

Apple Watch
Most notably, the Apple Watch will deliver fast & reliable GPS independent from your phone! Start your round, leave your phone in the car or cart, and the watch & phone will sync when you’re back in range.

Improvements to GPS accuracy
Also included in this update is an improved experience delivering accurate distance readings faster on your iPhone; no more waiting for your GPS to catch up to your current location.

New Lock Screen feature
Using your phone, you’ll be able to easily toggle back into the app from your Lock Screen thanks to an enabled top-left indicator. We’ve also removed the need to use the “Always on” location setting. You can now get the best possible GPS performance via the more privacy-oriented “While Using the App” setting.

New navigation bar
Finally, you’ll notice a new look inside your app thanks to the beginning of our redesign rollout, which begins with a navigation bar reconfigured to provide easy access to the best & most used parts of the app. (Looking for Settings, Course Explorer, Shot tracking or Help options? They’re in the secondary hamburger menu on the top-right of the screen.)

To ensure you’re getting the most out of the SwingU app, toggle your iPhone settings to automatically download app updates in Settings ➡️ App Store, or manually update your app via the App Store.

As always, you can view our full release notes for every update inside our App Store Version History module.

This release includes major updates to the SwingU Apple Watch app including significant GPS performance, responsiveness, and connectivity improvements. Specifics include:

* Vastly improved, more reliable, more resilient phone-watch connectivity and syncing

* A more flexible, independent Watch experience; start your round and leave your phone in the car or cart – your phone will automatically sync back up when in range.

* Prompt, responsive GPS distances on Apple Watch; no more waiting for distances

* Renamed “Golf Clubs” functionality to “My Clubs and moved out of Settings and into the Secondary Navigation menu

* Fixed intermittent bug hindering clicking on Secondary Navigation menu