SwingU Instructor Kelley Sets Juggling Dash Record

They say that records are meant to be broken.

For SwingU instructor and the top trick shot artist in the world, Josh Kelley, if there is no record to be broken, then he needed to set one.

Always pushing the boundaries of what he can do with a golf club and ball, Kelley headed to a nearby track and decided to make some history. Usain Bolt currently holds the 100m dash record for men at 9.58 seconds, and Florence Griffith-Joyner holds the female record at 10.49 seconds.

While those are lightning fast, neither set their record while juggling a golf ball with a wedge. That record now stands at 15.87 seconds.


“I’ve been pushing the envelope on my trick shots for over three years now. It was time to take it to the next level,” Kelley said. “I can do pretty much anything with a golf club and a ball while standing still, but I wanted to see if I can control the ball from an all-out sprint.”

Kelley is constantly evolving his trick shots, from knocking out single Jenga pieces and chipping darts between people’s fingers to pulling off trick shots with Tiger Woods, but he’s also an accomplished golfer in his own right.

Kelley is a key member of the SwingU instruction team, giving lessons to hundreds of golfers per week inside the SwingU app. 

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