SwingU’s Kelley Performs At Tour Championship

Tiger Woods had a pretty solid Saturday at the Tour Championship, but shortly after the 14-time major champion moved past The Ultra Club sponsored by Michelob Ultra, SwingU instructor and ambassador Josh Kelley stole the show.

Appearing on behalf of the beverage company, Kelley interacted with fans, signed autographs and wowed spectators inside The Ultra Club highlighted by an incredible 3-minute performance in which he shared the genesis of his trick shot story complete with gravity-defying ball and club juggling.

One of the most successful trick shot artists on social media, Kelley shared his day with Michelob on his Instagram account, @holein1trickshots, and in his Instagram Story.

Kelley works as an ambassador and instructor for SwingU, which offers personalized, world-class golf instruction and training anytime, anywhere, led by top-25 teacher in the world, Gary Gilchrist.

Kelley, Gilchrist and the rest of the SwingU team can be found inside the Golf GPS by SwingxSwing app, available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store