Perfect Pairs: Tasty Thanksgiving Pairings with Sam Adams

Thanksgiving is here. And so are your relatives…

Whether or not you enjoy the (close) company of your family, we know that the holidays are the perfect time to enjoy a craft beverage and simply relax. And, hell, if you can’t manage to relax with those people around, then you’re going to need that beer more than ever.

With that in mind, we wanted to share with you some of our favorite beer and food pairings for the season. To do that, we’ve enlisted our friends from Samuel Adams and the Boston Beer Company.

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Samuel Adams Winter Lager

The weather and temperatures we’ve been experiencing across the country make this favorite taste even better this holiday season. It’s bold, it’s dark and it just warms your soul. It’s rich, malt taste goes perfectly with that gigantic plate of desserts you’ll be enjoying after dinner. 

Boston Lager

The utility player on the Samuel Adams roster, Boston Lager typically pairs with anything. May we suggest enjoying this variety, however, with your pre-meal appetizers? It’s a good party starter and won’t take over your tastebuds before dinner.

White Christmas

Yeah, yeah. We know. It’s Thanksgiving and not Christmas, but have you tried this new variety? Consider it a happy medium between the Winter Lager and Boston Lager. It’s quite lighter than the dark holiday brew but it doesn’t fool you into thinking it’s spring yet — and we consider that a good thing.

Sam Adams Light

Light? Light. Sam Adams Light. Be realistic. You will be eating all day, you can spare the calories and do so without sacrificing taste. This is a drink you can enjoy no matter what it is your enjoying on this deliciously tasty holiday.

 Want to know more about the Samuel Adams Boston Brewery? View our recent “Behind the Brew” profile featuring brewery founder Jim Koch:


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