TaylorMade Unveils New Club Purchasing System


Technology isn’t the only thing that’s changing when it comes to golf clubs. The way they are purchased is too. Let’s face it, coughing up over $400 for a single club that will be obsolete in roughly two years is getting a little old. On Monday, TayorMade announced the launch of their revolutionary new purchasing system called “The Turn” in which customers are offered an option to finance their new clubs instead of buying it upfront at one time. 

Golf WRX does a great job of breaking down this potentially game-changing way to upgrade your sticks:

When you go to purchase a driver or set of irons on TaylorMade’s website, you’ll have the option to pay in full, or enter into the upgrade program through a credit company called Klarna. You’ll first need to apply for credit approval.

Then, you’ll select a finance program — either 18 or 30 months. Let’s say you purchase a $499 TaylorMade M1 2017 and the 18-month plan. That means you’ll pay $33 a month for the next 18 months, totaling $594.

After 12 months when the new TaylorMade 2018 driver comes out, you have the option to upgrade. TaylorMade will send you a return label and you’ll ship the old driver back to TaylorMade and they send you the new driver. Your payments on the old driver will carry, or roll over to the new driver. If you decide you want to keep the old driver, you continue the payments for the full 18 months and the driver is yours.


Your old club will NOT be eligible for upgrade if it has any of the conditions below, according to TaylorMade.

• Dented, cracked, chipped, rattling clubs
• Metal woods with significant sky-marks on the crown
• Clubs with cracked or bent shafts
• Clubs with non-factory alterations
• Wedges with excessive sole wear, groove wear, or dings
• Iron sets that do not consist of 5-8 consecutive clubs

So, what’s the catch?

Well, the catch is that you eventually pay more money — $95 more in the example above — to keep the driver. There are benefits, though.

• If you can’t afford or don’t wish to pay the full cost upfront, this gives you the flexibility to pay monthly.
• Instead of dealing with the hassle of selling your old driver to buy a new driver, TaylorMade streamlined this process (as long as you upgrade to the new TaylorMade product).
• At the promotional offer of around 10 percent interest, you’re essentially saving money against the credit card system, which averages somewhere around 15 percent depending on your banking plan.

Welcome to golf equipment sales of the future! 

[Golf WRX]


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