Teed Off: 9 Best Golf Tantrums

Golf is frustrating. We get it. It’s not easy to go 18 holes without getting somewhat agitated, especially when you’re not crazy about the players in your group. But this guy took it a little too far.

A Florida golfer was reportedly arrested for attacking his playing partners with his putter, sending one of them to the hospital, while also landing himself in jail. 

Not exactly how you want to act on a golf course…

With this guy’s insane attack on his group members, it got us thinking about some of the best golf meltdowns on social media. Because we all lose our cool every now-and-then, just not that badly.

Here are 9 of the best we found on the web. But be warned, these videos contain adult language!


In conclusion, don’t act like this on a golf course. You’ll thank me later.

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