Tennis Pro Skips Chance to Play Augusta National


Passing on a round at Augusta National requires a pretty good excuse. Whether or not American tennis star Jack Sock’s reason for skipping what sounds like the absolute best bachelor party of all time is good enough remains to be seen.’s Jason Crook has the details behind Sock’s decision

Most people would willingly take a day off of work for a chance to play Augusta National. Then again, most people are not ranked in the top 10 in the world at tennis.

But such is the case for Jack Sock, who had a round of golf lined up at the home of the Masters, but will have to skip it because simply put … he’s too good at his job.

According to ATP World Tour, Sock, a 25-year-old American, was supposed to take a trip down to Georgia next week with fellow tennis pro John Isner. But thanks to his win at the Paris Masters, Sock is now No. 9 in the world rankings and qualified for the tennis playoffs Race to London finale.

“I had a golf trip with Isner next week in Augusta, which would have been pretty special,” Sock said. “But I’ll look forward to seeing him at his wedding in a couple months.”

Sock was able to get a tee time at the exclusive club through the father of Isner’s fiancée, who is an Augusta National member.

“Big thanks to John’s fiancée’s father. Madison’s dad is a member at Augusta so that was how we were going to be able to play,” Sock said. “It was going to be fun. Obviously, it was a win-win. It would’ve been fun, him and I playing today to battle it out for who doesn’t go to Augusta, but I’ll see him at his wedding in December, so that’ll be fun.”


Sock comes from a golf family. His father, Larry, is a competitive amateur in Nebraska and Jack boasts a strong 5.9 handicap, according to the USGA’s GHIN Handicap website. His golf ties run even deeper thanks to his coach, Jay Berger, who is the father of PGA Tour star Daniel Berger. 

Considering Sock is now the highest-ranked American men’s tennis player in the world, not to mention his friendship with Isner (who most definitely is marrying the right girl) and his relationship with the Bergers, this will likely not be his only chance to play the Georgia Jewel.

Even still, it’s a tough invite to pass up. Could you imagine what a bachelor party in Butler Cabin would be like?




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