Thank Golf It’s Friday: 7-Year-Old Rapper Returns

Everyone’s favorite 7-year-old golf rapper, Caleb C., is back. And he’s here to help you get through your Friday.

The kid who brought us such hit singles as “I Love Golf,” “Hump Day,” and “Puttin’ 101” dropped a new video on Friday, aptly named “Thank Golf It’s Friday.” If this doesn’t make you want to take the afternoon off and hit the links, there’s not much else that will:

Caleb, of course, is the star of the video, and is again complemented with cameos from his friends. But this time, he also got a ton of fans involved. It appears as if some of Caleb’s biggest followers sent in their own videos to be included in the final compilation. Because who doesn’t love seeing themselves on TV … er, YouTube?

The kid – or the kid’s father, or whoever edited this video – also included some nice product placement, because you always have to make the sponsors happy. Fan participation, sponsor involvement – Caleb’s got a great marketing team behind him.


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