The Driving Range Picker-Upper Simulator

If there’s one thing I enjoy more than playing golf with a few buddies on a pleasant weekend afternoon, it’s definitely making fun of Alex Rodriguez’s odd mirror fetish. However, if there were two things I enjoy doing other than golf, the other would be playing golf-related video games!

Thanks to a few brilliant minds contributing to a website contest to create the weirdest computer simulation game, Driving Range Golf Ball Picker-Upper Cart Simulator 2013 is now a reality. (Seriously, that is the actual title of the game.)

The game’s premise is simple: use your keyboard and mouse to drive a simulated driving range tractor and pick up as many golf balls as you can. Admittedly, the game becomes even more fun when you drive that sucker over the unsuspecting driving range patrons!

True, some might say my gleeful shrieks at the site of video-game characters being mutilated by my own actions would be cause for concern… but I call those people “haters”. Nobody likes a Debbie Downer, folks.

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