The World’s Longest Golf Club Is Highly Impractical, Yet Also Incredible

Becoming a Guinness World Record holder is no easy task. Granted, there are some really weird records out there that boggle my mind, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy to set. For this record in the 2015 edition, it wasn’t necessarily about having a weird ability or talent.

It was about creating something highly impractical and quirky.


Guinness World Records

Karsten Maas from Denmark created the world’s longest usable golf club at 14 feet, 5 inches long. What is even more impressive about the creation is that Maas can hit it 180 yards:


The sight of the club upright next to him is staggering. It’s more than twice his height.

Imagine driving down the fairway with this thing sticking out of your bag.

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