The Worst Gifts Golfers Received This Year (2018)

Being a golfer around the holidays is a lot like playing Russian Roulette — there is the opportunity to have an amazing holiday with a gift that will keep giving the whole year, but more than likely, a non-golfer in your inner circle will completely miss the mark.

While all gifts are given with the best of intentions, every golfer knows that there are simply some gifts that will absolutely never see the light of day.

Sure, a gift card to your favorite golf retailer or a more practical gift like a subscription to Looper or SwingU Premium would have filled your heart with cheer, when you open a dozen Emoji golf balls, for example, you have to grin and express your gratitude for the thought that went into the present.

No Laying Up, the upstart golf media company, crowd-sourced their Twitter followers for what they’ve dubbed, “The annual ‘unusable golf gift from your non-golfer relative’ pictures.”

And this year, while the recipients of these gifts may have been let down, those of us laughing from the outside were not.