Thief Returns Stolen Golf Clubs With Interesting Note

A 19-year-old worker at Pheasants Hollow Golf Course in East Greenbush, New York won’t have to pick up extra shifts to pay for a new set of golf clubs after a thief had a change of heart.

Justin Pangburn was finishing up his shift at the course on Tuesday night when he failed to put his golf clubs into his car before leaving the property. Only minutes later, surveillance video captured a car pulling up and loading the clubs into their trunk.

Pangburn shared the video on social media, garnering thousands of views on Facebook and enough attention for local news station WRGB 6 Albany to show up to the course on Thursday to report on the theft. While the news team was there, something unlikely happened and the thief returned the clubs to the cart barn with an interesting note attached.


“I saw these when it was about to rain with no one around and I didn’t want to see them get wet,” the note read. “Hope you find the owner. Happy golfing!”

Pangburn didn’t seem to buy the fact that the thief was truly a good Samaritan, intimating that he hoped the coverage the theft received or the guilt of the decision to take the clubs weighed on the person responsible. 

“I’m relieved they were taken back to the club,” he said. “Someone decided to do the right thing and bring them back.”