Thieves Steal $30K Worth Of Golf Carts

A local golf cart dealership in Williamsburg, Va. was the scene of one of the most elaborate golf robbery schemes in recent memory. Owner Kevin King pulled up to his “golf car” shop on Thursday morning only to find five carts and one ATV were gone.

After a quick assessment, he knew he was the victim of an Ocean’s 11-like heist.

WAVY’s 10 on Your Side has the details:

“As soon as I pulled in the outside lot, I saw the cars were missing,” King said. 

“Total loss is going to be somewhere in the area of $30,000,” he said. 

King said they lock this fence each night. So how did the thieves get in? He didn’t see, until he walked behind his building.“

When I turned around I got a glimpse of the gate wide open and that’s when I really knew we were in trouble,” he said.

You could still see a broken chain lock on the fence Friday and the faint tire tracks of the lost golf cars: the only clues left behind.

Let’s help Mr. King catch these monsters. If you have any tips, please contact the York-Poquoson Sheriff’s Office.



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