Think You’re Funny? Prove It & Win Epic Golf Experience

Everyone knows that guy who thinks he’s really funny. If you don’t know him, that guy is you. 

Do you think you’re funny? Prove it. 

Divine 9 Golf Courses in Carson City and Carson Valley, Nevada, is offering you that chance. From Sept. 6-17, Divine 9 is giving golfers the opportunity to tell their best golf joke. Should you win, you’ll get to take part in the Divine 9 Media Tour — an all day golf extravaganza taking place Sept. 29-30. The event will take you to nine courses in Carson City and Carson Valley, playing one hole on each course. All players will be shuttled by bus, so feel free to indulge in your favorite adult beverage during your experience.

On top of getting to play in the Media Tour — a $1,500 value — you’ll also get $100 travel voucher, comped meals, two 18-hole rounds at Divine 9 courses, and three-night accommodations. 

All you have to do is be funnier than everyone else. Which should be easy for you, right? 

Speaking of golf jokes, here are some pretty good ones — acted out by the Tight Lies guys

Drag Charlie

Good Trade

Wife and Girlfirend

Use My 6-Iron

Obsessive Golf Disorder

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