Thirsty Thursday: Jim Beam To Unveil Scotch-Infused Bourbon

Jim Beam has long been among the world’s best-tasting and top-selling bourbons. In fact, since 1795 — disrupted only briefly by prohibition — the Beam family of Clermont, Ky., has been providing the world with its very own distinctive tastes and varieties of bourbon.

Now, the brand is entering the scotch game and doing so with its own sense of style and taste.

Jim Beam, as announced late last month, will begin producing scotch-infused bourbon, which will be available in June.

Jim Beam Kentucky Dram is being described as a “premium bourbon infused with highland Scotch whisky,” and it’s reportedly the first spirit of its kind to blend the two very distinctive and different liquors together. The forward-thinking, unique approach also goes well with Jim Beam’s recent partnership with actress Mila Kunis, who will serve as the brand’s first ever spokesperson.

Who are we to argue with the selection?

Speaking in a report on, Mariska van Beukering — marketing manager for Maxxium Travel Retail, which manages, sells and distributes the Beam Suntory — said that while she couldn’t comment on the level of scotch in the new Kentucky Dram, “the Scotch definitely comes out in the taste.”

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For the Jim Beam brand, it’s a start of a series of new premium varieties that will work to honor the legends that Jim Beam was created with. In early October, the brand unveiled its own version of the popular cinnamon whiskey that has taken a place in the market and has also been producing other varieties, including honey, maple and signature-crafted bourbons.

Look for the new Jim Beam Kentucky Dram starting in June. The new taste will reportedly retail at $34.99 per bottle.


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