Tiger Plays Catch With Roger Clemens At Opening

Tiger Woods may have made it through his return to competitive golf with little to no physical setbacks, but anxious Tiger fans probably had to watch the video that surfaced on Saturday in Mexico through their fingers, horror film style.

Appearing for the opening of The Oasis Short Course in Cabo, Woods traded in his clubs for a ball and mitt and found a decent tossing partner. Chambers Bay head professional Brent Zepp was on hand and played the role of videographer.

The seven-time Cy Young winner narrated Woods’ delivery, from a side spinning split-finger to a sidearm middle infielder’s motion. After making it out of the toss unscathed, Woods put all his fans’ minds at ease by flagging a short iron.

Hey Tiger, let’s just keep it to golf for a while. 

[h.t Brent Zepp]


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