Tiger Suffers Brutal Poker Defeat To Westbrook

Tiger Woods and NBA superstar Russell Westbrook are used to handing out losses to their respective opponents on the course or on the court, but on Saturday night in Las Vegas, two of the most recognizable athletes in the world were pitted against one another at the poker table.

Taking part in Woods’ annual Tiger Jam Poker Night, Westbrook came up against the host in Texas Hold ‘Em, and got the best of him.

Woods had an ace-king hand and decided to go all-in against Westbrook and his pair of queens. 

Trying to make the best poker hand out of the two cards they were dealt along with the five that would be turned over on the table, Woods had a fleeting moment of elation when he saw a second ace turned over on the flop, only to be crushed a second later when it was revealed that a third queen had also been dispensed.

Westbrook wouldn’t celebrate too early, but after two more cards were turned over that were no help to either player, he gave Woods a handshake and a hug.

The Tiger Jam event, which boasts the poker night, golf clinics and rounds at Shadow Creek and a concert from Janet Jackson, benefits Woods’ TGR Foundation.

For more information on the event, check out its website.