Tiger Woods’ Chip From the 2005 Masters Gets Lego Stop-Motion Treatment

In your life have you seen anything like that? #TigerWoods #VerneLundquist #PGA

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Tiger Woods’ career accomplishments have been memorialized in various ways over the years, from commercials to memorabilia, books to merchandise. Now, thanks to LEGO stop-action extraordinaire Jared Jacobs, Woods has one of his most iconic shots memorialized in a child’s toy.

Jacobs brought us a stop-action video of Graham DeLaet last week and he’s back this week with Woods’ famous chip-in for birdie on the 16th hole at Augusta National in 2005. Jacobs outdid himself with this one, nailing every detail from the practice swings while looking at the green to the terribly executed high five between Woods and his caddie, Steve Williams.

What will be the next LEGO recreation? How about Bubba Watson from the trees? Or, as Kyle Porter at CBS Sports suggested, Tiger’s “better than most” putt at the Players would be cool. Think about it Jared. We’ll be watching.

[h.t CBSSports.com]


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